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Sherry Kennedy Let the Music Paint!™

Let the Music Paint!™

Sherry Kennedy

My name is Sherry Kennedy. I have been in the Music Industry for well over 30 years, recording, performing, producing, coaching and so on. I have owned and operated my music company, Sheaken Music Inc, since 1996. Music has always been my life; my passion and approximately 10 years ago I started to paint while listening to music.

While that is not unheard of, what happens to me, is a little strange. The music takes over and starts to speak to me in colours, images and flow. It is sort of like channeling the music. I never have a preconceived idea of what will appear on the canvas, it is all about the music.

It does not matter if it is Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Country or Classical as soon as I put it on, it takes on a life of its own. I do not censor myself during this process, I let the music paint!

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