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Welcome to Sherry Kennedy Let the Music Paint!™ Fashion!

Please come on in and enjoy looking at the Unique creations. If something catches your eye, contact me and I will be happy to give you more information and put in your order for your exclusive Music Art design.

How did this concept come to pass?

I had an Art Show and as the people were milling around, I heard some women chatting and one said to the other “This is so beautiful, I would wear it!” We all laughed visualizing her wearing a canvas sandwich board. I never thought much about it until a few days later it hit me, I had to find out how to make this happen.


Well it didn’t take too long before I had my first piece of Fashion Art. It grew from there. I keep it very exclusive but offer my clients choices of which painting they would like on their item of clothing, although, some paintings work better than others.


It takes time for me to get them just right, I am pretty picky about the design and how they look. They are all Canadian made and of high-quality fabric.

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