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My name is Sherry Kennedy. I have been in the music industry for well over 30 years, recording, performing, producing, and coaching. I have owned and operated my music company, Sheaken Music Inc., since 1996.

...but I rarely know where it will end.

Painting is more than brushwork


Create art with all your senses



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Perpetual Grace is an acrylic painting by Sherry Kennedy

Perpetual Grace

A painting of a piano and music about synesthia called String Theory

String Theory
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My art is a journey...

Music has always been my life; my passion and approximately 10 years ago I started to paint while listening to music.

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every painting  begins with music...

Painting into the unknown

The foundation to my work is music. Melody, lyrics, harmony and rhythm are sounds, but I experience them as something more. I try to capture that visually with my art.

As the song plays, my conscious mind quiets and my senses awaken...

Sense are what give rise to all of my art, from the first brushstrokes to the last, my art reveals itself to me. And, in the process, I too reveal my inner self.

Sounds appear to me as colours and forms.

This is synesthesia.


Discover art in action:

Out of Nowhere.jpeg

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