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Chelsea Morning.jpeg
Sherry Kennedy creates fine art in Calgary, Alberta.

Art with feeling.

All of your senses come to life.

Music speaks to me in colours, flow and imagery; it soothes my soul. I hold the brush, but I let the music paint its song on canvas.

When I paint, I experience synesthesia: a melding of the senses. I begin by exploring the depth and ambience of the music before shaping a final composition. Nothing is pre-visioned but it is all experienced.

Commissioned paintings are available to the music of your choice. Remember, the music speaks to me so the outcome will always be a surprise. I am happy to create for you.

Enjoy looking at the music on the canvas. If you find something you love, contact me personally.

Moserite Majesty.jpeg

Available works:

Let the Music Paint.jpg
Learn about syntesthesia and painting art

What is synesthesia?

I am an Alberta based artist who creates through a unique process that combines music, visual arts, and all the senses to truly experience creativity.

Contact Sherry

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